5 Simple CBD Juice Cleanse Recipes

CBD Juice Cleanse Recipes

Do you have a shop in your neighborhood that serves cold-pressed juice? If you don’t, you likely will soon; juicing is a trend that definitely isn’t going anywhere. Some people enjoy adding juices to their daily diets as a way to eat more fruits and vegetables. Others replace one meal each day with juice to make up for micronutrient shortcomings and reduce caloric intake.

If you really want to kickstart your metabolism and speed toxins out of your system, though, a juice cleanses – replacing all of your meals with juices for a whole day – is just the ticket.

These days, it’s easy to find a cold-pressed juice company that’ll bottle a day’s supply of juice and ship it to your door. It’s much more satisfying to do the juicing yourself. Doing your own juicing also means that it’s easy to cater to your own tastes and leave out those few pesky vegetables that you’ve never really liked.

Juice Cleanse: Pros and Cons

Juicing is a good way to ensure that you’re getting your recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Since juicing removes the fiber from those foods, it makes the nutrients much easier for your body to absorb.

On the other hand, fiber is an important part of the human diet – and juices are often very high in sugar – so a long-term juice detox may not be as healthy as it sounds. Juice cleanses also won’t help you lose weight permanently unless you use it to kick start a new lower-calorie lifestyle.

If you take it for what it is, though, a short-term juice cleanse can be incredibly healthy. A juice cleanse is an opportunity to give your body a massive dose of whole-food vitamins and minerals that are easy to absorb. It’s also a chance to reset your digestive system. When you resume eating, you can reintroduce foods such as animal products, wheat, and soy slowly to determine the effects that those foods have on your body.

What Are the Benefits of a CBD Oil Juice Cleanse?

Adding a bit of CBD oil to your cold-pressed juice is a massive upgrade that can amplify the benefits you receive from your juice cleanse. One of the reasons people find juice cleanses appealing is because a juice cleanse is an easy way to consume large doses of superfoods. Parsley is a popular juice ingredient because it supports cardiovascular health. Turmeric reduces inflammation. Berries and grapes are full of antioxidants. Spinach lowers blood pressure. Studies have shown CBD to have those same properties, so adding a dropper of BioMD+ CBD oil tincture to a cold-pressed juice can instantly magnify the benefits of the foods you’re juicing. If you really want to get the maximum benefit from a juice cleanse, you’d be crazy not to make it a CBD juice cleanse.

CBD Juice Cleanse Recipes

1. Green Machine CBD Juice

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Citrus CBD oil, spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon, green apple, ginger, parsley, matcha green tea (optional).

Green Machine CBD juice is a perfect beverage to drink first thing in the morning because the lemon promotes wakefulness and gets your digestive system in gear, thereby supporting an increased metabolic rate. One of the difficulties that some people encounter during juice cleanses is the fact that many nutritionists recommend avoiding coffee during a detox. If you can’t get by without caffeine in the morning, add a scoop of matcha green tea to this juice. You’ll get your caffeine, and you’ll also love the grassy flavor and vibrant green color of the juice.

Adapted from Modern Honey.

CBD Juice

2. Anti-Inflammatory CBD Juice

Ingredients: Full Spectrum MINT CBD oil, celery, cucumber, pineapple, green apple, spinach, lemon, turmeric, ginger.

Fighting inflammation is an effective way to relieve chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis. In addition, research suggests that all forms of pain require inflammatory environments for development and growth. It’s possible that reducing inflammation can help your body remain free of pain, and this anti-inflammatory CBD juice recipe is perfect for that. It’s full of foods that fight inflammation and may help to support your body’s ability to heal itself. When you try this juice, buy organic lemons so you can use the peels without worrying about industrial pesticide residues. Lemon peels are potent inflammation fighters that can further enhance this juice.

Adapted from Dr. Axe.

3. Detoxifying CBD Juice

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Natural CBD oil, beet, apple, ginger, carrot.

Beets have become the darlings of the health food world recently because they stimulate the bile ducts and encourage the liver to rid itself of stored toxins. Beets take forever to cook, though, so it’s a good thing that you can simply juice them and enjoy their nutrients without the long wait. This juice is also a good source of Vitamin A, so it’s good for your eyesight and may help to support optimal health as you age.

Adapted from Minimalist Baker.

4. CBD Gazpacho

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Natural CBD oil, tomato, cucumber, sweet bell pepper, lemon, basil, olive oil, salt.

A staple of the rich Spanish food tradition, gazpacho is thought to have evolved from a dish brought by the Romans during their conquest of Europe. One of the things you’ll discover while doing a CBD juice cleanse is that many of the most popular juice detox recipes taste quite sweet. You may crave savory flavors during your day of juice fasting, so here’s a juice that tastes a bit more like a normal soup. Gazpacho is traditionally served cold, but feel free to heat this soup gently if you need to feel something warm in your stomach. Try to keep it below about 108 degrees, though, to avoid destroying the vitamins and enzymes.

Adapted from The Black Peppercorn.

5. CBD Cashew Milk

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Natural CBD oil, raw cashews, water, agave nectar, vanilla, cinnamon.

Many juice detox programs end the day with sweetened cashew milk to serve as a healthy treat and send you off to bed with something a bit more satisfying in your stomach. To prepare this cashew milk, soak a handful of raw cashews in water the night before your CBD juice cleanse. In the morning, you’ll find that the cashews have soaked up much of the water and are very soft. Discard the soaking water and add fresh water and all the other ingredients to your blender. A high-speed blender can liquify soaked cashews easily. If you have a lower-speed blender or simply want a smoother beverage, strain the result through a nut milk bag or fine mesh strainer. When sweetening your drink, go easy on the agave nectar to avoid an unwanted spike in blood sugar.

Adapted from Plant Based on a Budget.

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