10 Myths About CBD

10 Myths About CBD

With the high global interest surrounding cannabidiol (CBD), it’s sometimes hard to separate facts from fiction. For many years, consumers have used CBD  to treat numerous health issues they suffer from. Many advocates claim CBD is a miracle cure for many ailments. However, critics are quick to spread other claims about CBD use.

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CBD Will Make You High?

Taking the recommended amounts there is no way you can get high from using CBD.  Although CBD is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, it won’t give you mind-altering effects because it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD should not be confused with the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, THC.

Additionally, CBD is not addictive simply because it is associated with marijuana. Its abuse potential has also not been proven. In fact, many people lean towards CBD because of its non-addictive properties.

CBD Can Only Help With Pain?

Consumers use CBD is used to treat a number of their ailments; from stress, depression, and anxiety. Aside from these conditions, some people use CBD to help treat skin problems and inflammation. People who suffer from epilepsy, migraines, discomfort, and autism also swear by its effectiveness.

The Higher The Dose, The Better

When it comes to CBD, a higher dosage does not always equate to better results. Although you cannot overdose from CBD, taking more than the recommended amount can lessen its effectiveness.

CBD Can Cure Everything

People have an endocannabinoid system that regulates important body functions such as pain perception, sleep, mood, memory, and many more. If this system does not work properly, it can lead to disease. CBD is reported by some, that CBD alleviates these problems. However, CBD is not a cure-all. You cannot expect CBD to turn your life around and cure all potential ailments.

CBD Is Illegal

Many people falsely believe that CBD is a sketchy industry. Hemp cultivation is legal in many parts of the world. And in the US, hemp is legal in some states.

CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC and are strictly regulated. All you need to do is ensure that your manufacturer is a proven and certified supplier.

CBD Will Make You Sleepy

As mentioned, your endocannabinoid system regulates many vital processes including sleep. However, CBD does not make you sleepy like a sedative. CBD has been claimed by some to help their alertness and delay sleeping time under various conditions. But for individuals who want to relieve stress and anxiety disorders, CBD can help induce sleep when taken properly.

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CBD Is The Medicinal Compound Found In Cannabis

Many people falsely believe that CBD is the only compound that functions as a cure for health issues. While it may be partially true, cannabis contains more than 400 different compounds. These compounds also provide health benefits. Research has indicated that the magic of CBD happens due to the “entourage effect” of these compounds when they work together.

CBD Does Not Have Side Effects

Without question, CBD is a phenomenon for many people. However, this fact does not necessarily mean that you won’t experience side effects. Thankfully, many of its side effects are mild, including dry mouth, diarrhea, and reduced appetite.

If you find the right dose of CBD for you, as well as the perfect supplement that works with your body chemistry and weight, you may not experience any negative effects.

CBD Can Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it does not affect any drug test. Drug tests look for THC, not CBD. However, be careful to use products that contain more than trace amounts of THC, as this can cause problems for your drug test.

CBD Is The Same As Medical Marijuana

Many people are confused about medical marijuana and CBD. In reality, medical marijuana uses the plant’s flower and has a maximum THC content to cater to therapeutic needs. Once again, CBD products generally contain no THC.

Do You Want To Try CBD?

Now you know some of the myths surrounding CBD.  Ensure that you purchase certified products so you can maximize their effectiveness and monitor their THC content. And be sure to research product quality and legality in your area.

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