CBD Oil for Herpes: Does it Have Any Effect on Outbreaks?

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CBD Oil for Herpes: Does it Have Any Effect on Outbreaks?


Ever since the rise of CBD on the market, people have been finding new ways of implementing CBD as a treatment. CBD carries all the components needed to treat side effects that often accompany terminal illness. CBD has become more popular because of the information now freely available on the internet on the details about CBD. Another factor is the product’s marketing by various companies now finding their footing in the CBD market.


CBD can be considered a brand new product when you look at its recent stats. That is why marketing for it has been so heavy, with many companies taking different approaches to market it. Many states have legalized CBD, and some allow people to use CBD for both recreational and medical purposes.


CBD Research


The research, on the other hand, is moving slower, but the results have been very positive. Many patients with the same diseases prefer CBD to handle side effects. CBD can help with insomnia, pain, anxiety, stress, and many other side effects. These can make a patient’s life very difficult, impeding doing common things around the house. Many patients have trouble getting a good night’s sleep when they are dealing with pain. CBD can help these patients reduce pain for a while to get some sleep without any problems.


Side Effects of CBD


So far, there have been few side effects reported from CBD. Some of them occur when people take more than the recommended amount of CBD. Side effects also occur when a new user tries CBD for the first time. These can be experienced in a variety of ways based on body type. Quite often, CBD may not suit the body initially. A user will not feel any effects of CBD but instead will have to deal with its side effects. In this instance, you need to talk to your doctor for their recommendation. They will give you the right advice on what to take along with details about dosage.


When you take CBD, you must do so regularly. If you are planning to go over the amount of CBD your body can handle, you will soon feel side effects. That is why a doctor’s prescription is really needed to keep everything monitored and balanced. In many states, a doctor’s prescription is required to gain access to the drug.


Why choose CBD for herpes?


There are two kinds of medication for herpes: antivirals and anti-inflammatories. CBD is unique in that it has both of these properties for treatment. CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory and antiviral. Emotional stress, immune suppression, the cold, and flu are some of the triggers for a herpes outbreak.


The herpes virus will attack cell tissues in mucous membranes, which is why outbreaks are often seen around the mouth or genital area. When herpes attacks the surrounding tissue, the cells get damaged. The cell damage will release immunoregulatory white blood cells. This activity is what causes pain, inflammation, sores, and blisters.


The great thing about CBD is that it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. The primary objective of the endocannabinoid system is to regulate and maintain internal homeostasis. This is where CBD helps: it offers anti-inflammatory properties to reduce pain and stress. Users may feel more relaxed after taking CBD. If you are worried about the psychoactive properties, you don’t have to worry about that with CBD. For that to happen, you would need a product with more than 3% of THC to make the user feel high.


With CBD, though, you are only going to get 0.3% THC, even if you are using CBD for the first time. You are not going to feel a high from CBD. People who have herpes tend to use CBD creams and ointments to ease the pain. If you want it to work faster, switch to CBD oil as it is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD; the effects from the oil kick in faster.


You will need to pay close attention to the product you need for herpes. There are plenty of CBD products on the market, each with its own angle. If you are new to CBD, check with your doctor about CBD products and dosage for everyday use. Then, you can buy the right product per your doctor’s recommendation.




Yes, CBD may help your herpes. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD can be very helpful in releasing stress so you will be calmer and can focus on your daily tasks. Often, the pain can be so unbearable that most people can’t even do common activities, like sleeping. CBD can help reduce anxiety and pain so you can sleep peacefully. Make sure you follow all regulations on having CBD in your state; the rules and regulations are not the same in every state. You will want to look them up before you buy any of them.

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