How to Spot FAKE CBD Oil?

how to spot fake cbd oil tincture

How to spot fake CBD oil?

The popularity of CBD oil has been booming in recent years, this type of popularity has affected the drug product that is currently in the market. Many new brands have taken this field by launching a hundred different types of CBD in the market, each with their unique use and carrying a different form of CBD to attract a whole group of people. Not all the CBD products share the same structure, some of them are more powerful than others, while there are other products that provide a good balance between tastiness and effectiveness of the product.

Is CBD legal?

The law in many states has allowed the possession of CBD for a citizen of all kinds, as long as they follow all the rules that have been set around the CBD. The rules don’t follow the same structure as in every state. In some states, you will get to use CBD for both recreational and medical use, and there are some that allow their citizens to possess the drug for medical use. The laws regarding the CBD product have been very competitive for the people to get into. As there are plenty of limitations, guidelines that people need to follow to possess the drug.

One of the critical laws regarding CBD is the THC amount. If you are looking to buy a CBD product, then that CBD product needs to have less than 0.3% amount of THC in them. Otherwise, it would get considered illegal in the court of law. Because if a CBD product carries more than the 0.3% amount of THC, then it would trigger the psychoactive element in the drug. This is allowed in some states, but if you take most of the states into account, you will find CBD only allowed for medical purposes for people. The same rule applies to farms too, if a hemp-derived plant offers more than the legal amount of THC, then it has to be destroyed.

How to Spot FAKE CBD Oil?

How has CBD been helpful?

When it comes to the research of CBD, it is still going but at a slower rate. We still don’t know the full usage of CBD and what is capable of performing on the human body. So far, the sign has been very positive when it comes to the CBD products and it’s dealing with the numerous side effects of a terminal disease. Patients from different diseases have been choosing CBD to treat their side effects to get good night sleep without spending more time focusing on the pain. And many people are taking CBD to suppress the addiction that they have for the pain killers.

The laws regarding CBD have been very strict, you must follow all the steps that have been set by the state if you want to own CBD without any issues. Make sure you have the doctor’s prescription and the information about the dosage of CBD. Once you have all of that you will be eligible for the medical marijuana card, which would allow you to get the drug without any problem.

The problem with fake CBD oil

Due to the rising popularity of the CBD based product in the market. Many companies are jumping into this trend with their own product with gimmicks. Most of them do provide a genuine product with all the details that you need to know on the font, but there are a lot of companies who do go for the false marketing to get people hyped up to buy the products.  This where the newcomers will have the most trouble picking the right product for them because the market is saturated with both real and fake products.

The things you should know about fake CBD

There are a few common warning signs that can help you determine if the CBD oil you have or are considering to buy is REAL or FAKE!

      #1: Hemp Extract and EXTREMELY High Strength

There are plenty of red flags that you can catch if you see a 140,000 mg of hemp oil in a 30ml bottle. More people get trapped in this false marketing tactic. Because companies here how to spot fake cbd tincturewouldn’t put any comma in the middle of the number to let the users know what they are actually getting. This kind of marketing style attracts people who have never bought CBD oil before. So always be on the lookout for the product with ridiculously high numbers.

     #2: Full Spectrum Hemp SEED OIL 

There are so many products in the market, sometimes it gets really confusing which one to go for and which one to avoid at any cost. Most of the CBD products that you will see in the market will have a moderate price point attached to them, and then there will be some that will go by the name of Hemp seed oil. This type of oil would be cheaper than the A REAL full spectrum CBD oil. Always avoid PURE hemp seed oil because they don’t contain phytocannabinoids in them these types of products are all over Amazon.com (AVOID). If you are looking for CBD, CBG, and/or other beneficial phytocannabinoids and cannabinoids rich products you simply won’t find them on Amazon or at big-box retailers. 

     #3: Avoid Zero THC ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD Oils

If you see a product with Full Spectrum written on the bottle and claim to be Zero THC. then avoid it, because CBD contains a trace amount of THC in them. If a CBD oil claims to have zero THC, then avoid it at any cost.

     #4: Avoid Clear Full Spectrum Oils

If you find any product that claims to be clear full spectrum extract, then avoid that product and move on to something new. Full-spectrum hemp extract and full spectrum CBD products always leave more of the plant matter in them than CBD isolates which must be heavily processed to become clear or transparent. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the ways that you can follow to avoid getting a non-effective CBD oil. As more companies are starting their business in this market, soon you are going to see a rise in these kinds of dealings. That is why you should be informed to make the best decision before you buy a CBD product for yourself or anyone who is suffering mentally or physically.  Last but not least, if you’re on other medications check with your primary care physician to ensure there won’t be any unknown drug interactions.  

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