What Color Is CBD Oil Supposed To Be? Understanding Quality & Safety

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What Color Is CBD Oil Supposed To Be? Ways To Check

The color of CBD oil is typically a bright gold — the shade of which can vary by brand, their respective processes and the hemp itself.

Is there color variation between different brands?

Yes. It is hard to know with certainty that two companies are selling the exact same product because of how the products are made and how they perform. While one may have a darker hue than the other, this variation can be due to many things.

Why is the color of CBD oil a big deal?

The color of CBD oil also matters because it can tell you something about its purity and potency levels. If your product is an amber color, and your friend’s product is a light yellow, this could indicate that yours is more potent or has the better quality ingredients.

What color should my CBD oil be?

The short answer: It depends on your brand, the potency of your product, and what you plan to do with it.

The color of the CBD oil will tell you something about the cannabinoid profile of your brand of CBD oil. If your bottle is a golden amber, then it’s likely that you are getting a product with higher levels of CBD, as well as other  purity and other cannabis phytocannabinoids. But often times, the color of CBD oil will indicate the extraction method and how rich in plant material it is.

In fact, some brands will advertise their version as having more CBD than other products in order to get added credibility from consumers. But this can be misleading for patients who aren’t familiar with the chemical nature of CBD and cannabinoids. And if you’re not sure what you’re getting, then color may be your only option to find out.

Does the color of CBD oil matter?

There are three distinct types of CBD oil that you will find in the market.

Raw CBD oil goes through an extraction process, but does not go through any further refinement or processing. It’s an oil with a green hue- a result of the extra phytochemicals, chlorophyll, and raw plant matter.

Decarboxylated CBD goes through an extraction process, and then goes through additional processing. It is heated after processing to “activate” any CBDA that needs to be turned into CBD. This type of CBD oil is the most potent and improves efficacy. You will often find this type of oil being used in full-spectrum CBD oils- varying in shade with further filtering. This contains the most CBD, and other accompanying cannabinoids while removing impurities left behind from extraction.

Isolated or filtered CBD is the most refined type of CBD oil, leaving behind the least amount of plant material. The hemp has been extracted, decarboxylated, and goes through further filtering to get rid of other phytochemicals and plant materials. Isolate CBD is often clear or very slightly gold- only containing CBD and nothing else from the hemp plant.

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