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How Many CBD Hemp Plants Per Acre? Hemp Farming Tips

How Many CBD Hemp Plants Per Acre? Hemp Production

Are you looking to grow your own cbd hemp plants for personal or commercial use? Here is an infographic that has all the information you need about areas of land required to harvest and grow CBD hemp plants. This guide will make it easy for you to figure out how many cbd hemp plants per acre of land are needed.

Acreage to grow CBD hemp

An acre of land has been the traditional benchmark for a large tract of land. This is especially true across the United States and other parts of the world. In reality an acre is roughly the size of a football field that is 100 yards by 100 yards or 1/640th of a square mile. There are 43,560 square feet in an acre which closely resembles 0.4047 hectares or 4047 meters squared.

Why is an acre used?

You may ask “why does this acreage information matter?” The reason land measurement matters is because it greatly affects the cost of land to grow hemp. At a recent Federal report , it was stated that 1 acre of hemp would cost $2,100 to grow. That is a lot of cash to spend on growing just one crop. Imagine if you needed 1000 acres or 10,000 acres for growing your own cbd hemp for personal or commercial use.

So, how much land do I have to grow cbd hemp?

If you need to grow CBD hemp for a food or adult-use product you will need to know how much land is needed. This infographic from 1acrdistributor.com can help in these calculations.
How many acres of hemp can I grow on?

To figure out how many acres of hemp you need to buy, multiply the horizontal (X) axis [inches] by the vertical (Y) axis (square feet). There are 50 inches in a foot and there are 25 square feet in an acre. So if you have 320 feet on your horizontal axis then you will have 64,800 square feet on your vertical axis. 4’x4′ would equal 8 square feet/acre. So, 64,800 square feet divided by 43,560 feet equals 1.5030543 acres of land needed to grow 1 acre of cbd hemp. If you have a 10 acre parcel then you will need 15.03 acres of land to grow hemp.

What is the price of growing 1 acre of cbd hemp?

You can expect to spend roughly $2,100 in cost per acre. There are roughly 25 square feet per acre. So, $2,100 divided by 25 = $88 per square foot needed to grow hemp. The cost to seed and maintain the crop over the growing season is about $88 an acre or roughly $8 a square foot. This may seem like a lot of cash. However, it is justifiable cost if you walking into a bank after this first growing season with a check for $16K and demand cash for your hemp crop. The choice is yours. You can watch, wait and learn as we grow our hemp or you can start now and learn how to grow your own CBD hemp plants. You may not know this but there is a huge demand for these CBD hemp plants. In the United States CBD Hemp is still illegal in some states due to the laws that are issued defining hemp as a schedule 1 drug. However, CBD oil extractions from hemp are not considered a controlled substance. This is due to the non-psychoactive or less than .01% THC content of industrial CBD hemp plants. Even though it is now legal in all 50 states, the demand and need to grow your own cbd hemp plants is very real. Hemp is grown for CBD oil, food, clothing, paper and there are even uses for hemp in construction.

Are you ready to start growing your own cbd hemp plants?

The still unknown takeaway from this is if you’re willing to put $88/acr into growing cannabis for the first year, then after that first year you have a crop worth $16K in seed value on your hands [at 4 seeds per plant]. That’s not bad for a $2,100 initial investment. Some of you may not have the $2,100 to spend on land so what do you do? You could always get a line of credit from the bank or start saving up. If you are able to save money that means you have time on your side. Start growing cbd hemp plants now and learn everything you can about this plant. You will need to learn how to harvest and dry the CBD hemp plant for optimal storage purposes. There are also products like kief, hash, oils, dermal creams and edibles you can use from the cbd hemp plant. The list goes on and on for the uses of the cbd hemp plant.

Learning how to save money is a skill everyone should have in life. Try to save some money each time you buy something that isn’t needed. You may not be saving money for land but you will be making your dollars stretch further. Look at the bigger picture of money saving with this cbd hemp information. There are plenty of ways to learn how to save money. You can also learn how to make money with the help of the internet. It is becoming easier for people to start an online business or side hustle. This could be something you could do while running your hemp growing operation or even after you harvest all your cbd hemp plants for that first year.

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