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I just ordered my second bottle of the citrus 1000MG full spectrum CBD. I have tried many brands and took one for about two years with only minimal results for what I use it for. Tried this brand and first off, the flavor is better than any brand I’ve tried in the past. But the results I get from it have exceeded my expectations. Will continue to order as long as they supply it.
Heather R. - avatar Heather R.

This oil has made my life way more better. My anxiety is gone and I can sleep like a bear !!!
Mateo R. - avatar Mateo R.

Great product for pain relief, allows you to relax enough to sleep well all night long.
Caroline B. - avatar Caroline B.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) March 15, 2020

My Doctor suggested this. It works!
Jordan O. - avatar Jordan O.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 14, 2020

This is a very strong product with a pleasant taste and high quality ingredients! For me, it has been great for containing anxiety, providing mental clarity and reducing inflammation. This is an excellent product. After trying several, this is my favorite thus far!
Alice F. - avatar Alice F.

We ordered this stuff kinda on a whim, but it really works. She uses it every night for sleeping and it works. 10 drops and good bye til morning. I don't know, but you can't ask for any more than that. Also, no back pain in the morning, and I have not heard her say anything bad about the flavor. So its 5 stars for me.
Elias F. - avatar Elias F.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 12, 2020

I have Rheumatoid arthritis, and breast cancer survivor... Works great! Allows me to move better, sleep deeper and the list goes on. Highly recommend
Rick E. - avatar Rick E.

I am really excited to write this review because of the benefits I have reaped! I have been using this product for several weeks mainly for pain in my joints and have noticed a significant change in my left knee in which I have a knee replacement! Remember, this is not magic as it took about 2 weeks to notice a difference. I take it orally 2 times a day and I also mix a dropper full with dmso and apply it directly on the area of my knee that hurts. I can now honestly say that I do still feel like I have a slight weight on my knee but the majority of the pain is gone! I have made no other changes other than I have stopped talking narcotics for the pain that was sometimes unbearable! I also applied it directly on a sore on my chest that was the size of a quarter when antibiotics did not work and as you can see in the photo if you zoom in it is now only the size of a pea. If you have any pain issues I definitely encourage you to try this fabulous product! Just remember that you have to be patient and give it time to work!
Lincoln E. - avatar Lincoln E.

Noticed a difference within a week of using this product! Have recommended numerous friends to try!
Theodore B. - avatar Theodore B.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) March 10, 2020

Works great!
Jaxson G. - avatar Jaxson G.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 9, 2020

I really like this product for relaxation. I was using it faithfully but I missed a couple of days, I was wondering why I was having difficulty sleeping when I realized that I had forgotten to use my hemp oil. I am very anxious to see how my cholesterol levels are having used this product for a couple of months. Taste not so good I mixed some mint flavoring in it to help with flavor.
Josiah D. - avatar Josiah D.

It has help my husband a great deal for his arthritis and carpal tunnel. He usually can't sleep well at night from the pain. But with this he sleep soundly and don't come home from work with a bad temper because he is in pain.
Cora H. - avatar Cora H.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 7, 2020

I like that this is easy to take and you don’t have to take a lot of it. My wife and I are both taking it for pain and also to help us sleep.
Jayden D. - avatar Jayden D.

This hemp oil really helps with my pain, anxiety and restlessness. I will purchase again.
Andrew W. - avatar Andrew W.

Used the product to reduce pain. Works well. Will do business again with this seller.
Azaria U. - avatar Azaria U.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 5, 2020

I am a 72 year old woman with arthritis in my neck and back. I also suffer with anxiety due to pain. I was very skeptical about CBD oil, but went ahead and ordered it anyway. I am so amazed and happy. CBD oil is wonderful. It truly really relieved my pain and anxiety. It's truly a great product. Today I asked my Dr. if it was ok for me to use. He said absolutely
Jordan O. - avatar Jordan O.

Using for shoulder pain. Intensity of pain decreased dramatically!
Wendy S. - avatar Wendy S.

I had my doubts, but it did help.
Julian B. - avatar Julian B.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 4, 2020

I LOVE taking this CBD Oil right before bedtime. It helps me relax enough to fall asleep. I would recommend it to anyone, but especially to any person who has trouble sleeping.
Joseph Y. - avatar Joseph Y.

bought this to see if it would help me sleep at night (several nagging physical issues). Has been a great help.
Joshua Q. - avatar Joshua Q.

I have tried similar products. This is by far the best one yet. Highly recommended.
Autumn C. - avatar Autumn C.

I have been on prednisone for severe gout and toloosa hunt syndrome for many months so i have been looking for something that would help with inflammation and pain also better sleep i believe that i have found it with this product very happy with purchase ..
Adeline V. - avatar Adeline V.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 2, 2020

I have degenerative arthritis in my back and knee and this product really works!!!
Oliver Q. - avatar Oliver Q.

This product works well for me. I have nerve pain and was looking for something to ease the pain. As for the flavor it's minty and earthy at the same time.
Mateo R. - avatar Mateo R.