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I love my citrus cbd oil. It works amazingly well. Helps me with my arthritis and joint pain incredibly.
Kristin R. - avatar Kristin R.

This stuff really works great with pain relief and allowing me to sleep
Aiden O. - avatar Aiden O.

I like this product because it really works! My biggest mistake was sharing it with my husband - he is hooked on it too!! He is a problem sleeper and now sleeps all night - thanks to this product! BioMD+ Full Spectrum really is the absolute best and we have a good supply in our house to keep both of us "happy" - I have major back (fibromyalgia) pain and husband has sleep issues as well as I do also - No more thanks to Wellgrade!!
Nova N. - avatar Nova N.

I finally found something that is safe to take for sleep. I don't use it daily, only as needed. Thank you
Ingrid T. - avatar Ingrid T.

It's actually a better quality oil than others I've tried AND it has a better taste. Helped with my inflammation and pain quickly.
Serenity L. - avatar Serenity L.

Very happy with this CBD oil. I've used other brands before and it is by far the best. Highly recommend!
Bruna D. - avatar Bruna D.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) May 10, 2022

I use this for pain relief from compression fractures of spine. Taste is minty and calming which I much prefer, sleep better.
Ingrid T. - avatar Ingrid T.

This product works great for arthritis and sleep! The taste is a little undesirable.
Jacob W. - avatar Jacob W.

I can't believe how well this oil works. it relieved my year long back pain almost instantly.
Derrick J. - avatar Derrick J.

I am a loyal customer, will buy again and again
Luke J. - avatar Luke J.

Great product, helps me relax before bed and I find I can fall asleep faster when I use it. I like that you put it under your tongue for quick absorption. I like that it’s made in the USA!!!!
Anna V. - avatar Anna V.

It works just like it claims. Most of the pain in my knees went away and I can sleep at night.
Minerva K. - avatar Minerva K.

Yes! Finally a good CBD product! I just love how it works and tastes.
Elizabeth G. - avatar Elizabeth G.

This CBD cream provided me the best value for my money. I carry it everywhere with me. An excellent pain reliever.
Elizabeth M. - avatar Elizabeth M.
Vegan CBD Gummies
Vegan CBD Gummies May 9, 2022

These are actually the first gummies that i can take without getting fat or sugared up. I love them.
Kelly J. - avatar Kelly J.

The price is great! The customer service is even better. I would buy this CBD oil for my kitten again. She just loves its taste.
Tracy J. - avatar Tracy J.

I will continue to buy this CBD oil. it helps me to sleep like a baby at night.
Howard I. - avatar Howard I.

This has helped with pain and anxiety, and was a great price!
John F. - avatar John F.

I have arthritis, and fibromyalgia and this is the first time I haven’t had pain in over 20 years. This stuff is amazing! I take 3 doses, (1) @ 6 am, (2) @ 1 pm, and the (3) one @ 8 pm. I also take gummies with each dosage. Thank you so much for this product, you have given me my old life back. ❤️
Paisley Z. - avatar Paisley Z.

"This was a solid product overall, what stood out from other brands is the citrus flavor. "
Willow T. - avatar Willow T.

I used this for my joint pain and my PTSD and anxiety! It worked wonderfully!! I loved it!
Tinley U. - avatar Tinley U.

It seems to help me with the pain and sleeping issues. It doesn't have a bad odor like some CBD oils.
Ila R. - avatar Ila R.

This is a very good product, it is helping me to fell a sleep gast and thru the night. I have an immune disease and it is helping me ease my pain specially during night time when my muscles are cooling down. So, it is just wonderful. I don't care much about flavor , is not the best but I can live with it.
Joanna T. - avatar Joanna T.

"One of the main qualities of this product is my sleep at night. I have had multiple injuries and surgeries. And this product really helps "
Gabriella D. - avatar Gabriella D.