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These pre-rolls taste and smell exactly as they are described. The actual product is even better. I would highly recommend it to all the smokers out there.
Emilia K. - avatar Emilia K.
Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Natural)
Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Natural) September 11, 2021

Great product and great price for the amount of full spectrum CBD oil in it. Totally money's worth product. Try it guys.
Curtis V. - avatar Curtis V.

These pre rolls are are bomb. They smoke smooth without producing any bad odor. I also love the their packaging-just the right size to keep inside the purse.
Mary P. - avatar Mary P.
Citrus CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)
Citrus CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) September 11, 2021

I was very satisfied with how fast it worked for me.
Ellison D. - avatar Ellison D.

For over a year I have had arthritic pain in both hips and both knees. But with using this cream only, my pain is completely gone. I would never stop using this cream, ever.
George C. - avatar George C.

The CBD cream has helped a lot with my shoulder and neck pain. Even though it's a small jar, a small amount goes a long way.
Jeff M. - avatar Jeff M.

My dog is 9 years old and was having seizures due to age. I give him this CBD oil once daily for the last one month and it seems to work great.
Steven T. - avatar Steven T.

Instant pain relief, I've tried similar products but this one is definitely the best CBD oil on the market. I recommend it.
Melissa M. - avatar Melissa M.
Vegan CBD Gummies
Vegan CBD Gummies September 11, 2021

Amazing product! I suffer from eating disorder and stomach inflammation. I take two gummies every night and I got my appetite back. It also reduced the inflammation.
Ray N. - avatar Ray N.

Holy crap, this stuff is amazing!! I will honestly say I'm a skeptic, but my anxiety and having a hard time falling asleep was driving me nuts. So after seeing reviews on a CBD subreddit, I decided to buy. And I'm so glad I did!! I am on their recommended dosage of .50 ml before bed. And I fall asleep so soundly. I am more calm and clear-headed. Will keep ordering this stuff. I'm a believer!
LaShontray S. - avatar LaShontray S.

Very effective CBD oil for our 20lb dog with seizures. Actually flavorless so I can drop it in my dogs food and he doesn't even notice. Taking away 1 star because we ran out and it has been sold out for a couple weeks now. Now I have to use a less trusted CBD oil and my dog had 3 seizures since, when he had none on this brand... I contacted customer service and they said they just started working on the next batch which will take another 2 weeks until its restocked.
Renee Lau - avatar Renee Lau
Vegan CBD Gummies
Vegan CBD Gummies January 10, 2021

I have knee injuries and arthritis in both my knees and the low dose gummies helped tremendously with the stiffness I feel 24/7, and helped a little with the pain,I'm pretty sure is I get the 750mg gummies it will help with pain a lot more, excellent product I just bought another jar so I don't run out lol
nikkill348 - avatar nikkill348
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) August 4, 2020

The dropper looks like a graduated cylinder, very easy to dose. Mint tastes great, and seller shipped quickly. Works like a charm!
Matthew A. - avatar Matthew A.

This is the fastest way to use CBD. Only needed a few puffs and I was relaxed. It's definitely better than any pharmaceutical solution for anxiety. Will purchas again for sure.
Jessica Hewitt - avatar Jessica Hewitt

We got this for my dog who is terrified of thunderstorms. It being summer in Texas we are about to get a lot of them. She loved it and licked it straight from the dropper. Then we let our other two dogs have a taste and they all went nuts for it. Definitely recommend.
Jessica Hewitt - avatar Jessica Hewitt

Really enjoyed how this calmed my nerves almost instantly.
April Spencer - avatar April Spencer

I have suffered with nerve pain for 10 years. This cream works, considering I only use it when my pain is intolerable! I'm sure if I used this cream regularly I would have greater results. I just want to thank Milagro Gramz for introducing me to this company. I've always wanted to try CBD oil but needed a reputable company at affordable prices.
Whitney Castillo - avatar Whitney Castillo

I just ordered my second bottle of the citrus 1000MG full spectrum CBD. I have tried many brands and took one for about two years with only minimal results for what I use it for. Tried this brand and first off, the flavor is better than any brand I’ve tried in the past. But the results I get from it have exceeded my expectations. Will continue to order as long as they supply it.
Heather R. - avatar Heather R.