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This has been a great sleep enhancer for our 12-year-old German Shepard. With a good sleep, he is always in good mood.
John K. - avatar John K.

This company is really cool and their people are really helpful in every situation.
Mabel R. - avatar Mabel R.
Vegan CBD Gummies
Vegan CBD Gummies August 20, 2021

I keep these with me all the time. Whenever I feel anxious or any type of pain, I immediately take one. These little gummies seemed to help me a lot.
Winifred J. - avatar Winifred J.

I love how easy these pre-rolls are to use! As a girl, I always found it difficult to roll my joints. But these pre-rolls made those days a distant memory. I love them.
Dorothea B. - avatar Dorothea B.

I am happy that I found this full-spectrum CBD oil for my pets. They are very playful and active after taking this oil with their daily meal.
Elsa W. - avatar Elsa W.

These are my favorite pre-rolls. I love each of the different flavors and take them all over a period of time. Definitely a must-buy product.
Joyce C. - avatar Joyce C.

The Suver Haze is probably the best pre-rolled joints that i have ever tried. Its strong exotic sour flavor lifts up my mood instantly. I would say its worth every penny of your money.
Clara S. - avatar Clara S.

I absolutely love these rolls, they are super convenient, and easy to use. I don't even have to roll it before smoking. Just get it out of the pack and light it up. Super relaxing.
Cornelius C. - avatar Cornelius C.

I am very pleased with this CBD oil. it takes away the pain in my severe osteoarthritic knees and helps me to relax.
Elizabeth G. - avatar Elizabeth G.

Holy crap, this stuff is amazing!! I will honestly say I'm a skeptic, but my anxiety and having a hard time falling asleep was driving me nuts. So after seeing reviews on a CBD subreddit, I decided to buy. And I'm so glad I did!! I am on their recommended dosage of .50 ml before bed. And I fall asleep so soundly. I am more calm and clear-headed. Will keep ordering this stuff. I'm a believer!
LaShontray S. - avatar LaShontray S.

Very effective CBD oil for our 20lb dog with seizures. Actually flavorless so I can drop it in my dogs food and he doesn't even notice. Taking away 1 star because we ran out and it has been sold out for a couple weeks now. Now I have to use a less trusted CBD oil and my dog had 3 seizures since, when he had none on this brand... I contacted customer service and they said they just started working on the next batch which will take another 2 weeks until its restocked.
Renee Lau - avatar Renee Lau
Vegan CBD Gummies
Vegan CBD Gummies January 10, 2021

I have knee injuries and arthritis in both my knees and the low dose gummies helped tremendously with the stiffness I feel 24/7, and helped a little with the pain,I'm pretty sure is I get the 750mg gummies it will help with pain a lot more, excellent product I just bought another jar so I don't run out lol
nikkill348 - avatar nikkill348
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) August 4, 2020

The dropper looks like a graduated cylinder, very easy to dose. Mint tastes great, and seller shipped quickly. Works like a charm!
Matthew A. - avatar Matthew A.

This is the fastest way to use CBD. Only needed a few puffs and I was relaxed. It's definitely better than any pharmaceutical solution for anxiety. Will purchas again for sure.
Jessica Hewitt - avatar Jessica Hewitt

We got this for my dog who is terrified of thunderstorms. It being summer in Texas we are about to get a lot of them. She loved it and licked it straight from the dropper. Then we let our other two dogs have a taste and they all went nuts for it. Definitely recommend.
Jessica Hewitt - avatar Jessica Hewitt

Really enjoyed how this calmed my nerves almost instantly.
April Spencer - avatar April Spencer

I have suffered with nerve pain for 10 years. This cream works, considering I only use it when my pain is intolerable! I'm sure if I used this cream regularly I would have greater results. I just want to thank Milagro Gramz for introducing me to this company. I've always wanted to try CBD oil but needed a reputable company at affordable prices.
Whitney Castillo - avatar Whitney Castillo

I just ordered my second bottle of the citrus 1000MG full spectrum CBD. I have tried many brands and took one for about two years with only minimal results for what I use it for. Tried this brand and first off, the flavor is better than any brand I’ve tried in the past. But the results I get from it have exceeded my expectations. Will continue to order as long as they supply it.
Heather R. - avatar Heather R.