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Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 21, 2020

I like this product. The taste isn’t very good and it takes a couple days to notice a difference but it does help relieve pain and reduce stress.
Annabel K. - avatar Annabel K.

Words just dont do it justice. No it does not stop all the pain for Rick but it helps make it bearable. He had rods put in his back and sometimes the pain is so bad he cant get out of bed. Thank you for a product that helps and is not so expensive we cant afford it. Great job and thank you again!!
Rick and Earlene - avatar Rick and Earlene
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) March 23, 2020

Severe arthritis ..back and knees. This product has done wonders!
Josiah W. - avatar Josiah W.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 22, 2020

i had my doubts as to this actually helping but I noticed a kind of mellowed to the point of almost gone pain relief, and stress/stress anxiety melted off better. Not as good as a Xanax or neurontin, but this doesn't require a primary, 2 specialists, and 2 prescriptions either.
Charles A. - avatar Charles A.

I am finally sleeping more than 4 hours per night. I noticed, over time, I increased each night. My normal pains are not as apparent in the middle of the night. Just so glad there is some relief
Michael R. - avatar Michael R.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 20, 2020

I used this product for anxiety that has been basically crippling since I moved to a high altitude. This calms me down pretty quickly and took me out of hyperventilation a couple of times.
Etta Z. - avatar Etta Z.

Takes away my nausea from inflammation and Pain, Helped with Arthritis Pain, makes you Extremely Relaxed so helps with muscle pain, recommend taking in evening for sleep, takes away a little bit of concentration so might help those with anxiety. It is very strong! Taste like a really good olive oil. Note to self- Order this one again!
Josiah D. - avatar Josiah D.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) March 22, 2020

Love this stuff!
Taliyah W. - avatar Taliyah W.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 21, 2020

I've had tried A few different hemp oils and this is the BEST I've purchased it a few times and will continue to purchase That's how GOOD it is My advice don't waste your 💰 on another, just purchase this brand.
Aaron I. - avatar Aaron I.

This was my first time buying this product for my back oians, and I love it! The reason I chose this brand is because it is one of the few FDA approved products and that was good enough for me to trust it. It also helped my sleep at night.
Alexander T. - avatar Alexander T.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 19, 2020

Very good one
Kaylin U. - avatar Kaylin U.

Product arrived quickly, well package with no leaks or issues. Directions are clear on the bottle. You can do 4 drops under your tongue or add to any beverage or smoothie 2X per day. Taste is ok. I am taking primarily for severe chronic pain to cut back on pain medication - (goal to be pain med free) but I also need help with getting to sleep. After taking 4 times over 2 days I was able to fall asleep faster as well as noticed a decrease in pain. I'm in MN and we are in -20F which makes pain levels increase significantly. I've been able to reduce 1 pain pill per day immediately once taking this. I have been taking another hemp oil for 2 weeks prior to this which was only 500MG and that wasnt strong enough to do more than just take the edge off the pain a bit. Another benefit of Wellgrade 5000MG is it seemed to help give added overall calmness within 15 minutes of putting under tongue. Feeling hopeful.
Caleb S. - avatar Caleb S.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) March 21, 2020

Been taking this for a couple days now. Have seen minor improvements in pain and inflammation. Hopefully with longer use major improvements will be seen. Will update....
Michael R. - avatar Michael R.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 20, 2020

I used this product in my tea to see if it would have any impact on knee pain I was having. I was amazed at the result. In just an hour, I was able to exercise with no pain. As I continued to use it and rehab my knee, I am walking without a limp and feel better than ever after just 3 weeks.
Carter A. - avatar Carter A.

This is the best oil I have found. I ha it on auto order so I never run out. Helps with sleeping and gently inflammation.
Dominic P. - avatar Dominic P.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 18, 2020

Its easy to use and it works for my pain due to arthritis
Jacob W. - avatar Jacob W.

This product really helps with my arthritis and headaches. I've tried more expensive brands that don't work nearly as well. I will absolutely buy it again!
Charles A. - avatar Charles A.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) March 20, 2020

Using this for a muscle movement disorder. It has afforded me great relief. Blends well in smoothies and seems to give me a much less stressful day.
Paisley Z. - avatar Paisley Z.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 19, 2020

This product has been a great addition for the treatment of my wife's pain. She has been prescribed every pain med under the sun and nothing really works. I did some research and mentioned she should try hemp oil. We ordered and within a few hours she said she noticed a big change. We'll be using this for now on and she tells everyone how much CBD has improved her life.
Zora N. - avatar Zora N.

it helps me with pain i really like it
Florence F. - avatar Florence F.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 17, 2020

It worked great! The pain eased up considerably and I felt better.
James S. - avatar James S.

This helped immensely with the anxiety I tend to get at work. I felt calm and clear headed. I put about half a dropper in my tea (peppermint) as well as three drops under my tongue, and was good to go. The taste wasn’t bad at all either.
Thomas P. - avatar Thomas P.

By far the best cbd oil in the market in my opinion relieves pain like it’s supposed to, amazing product!!
Dani F. - avatar Dani F.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) March 19, 2020

I use as instructed on bottle. I noticed a improvement in a few days. Very satisfied.
Dominic P. - avatar Dominic P.