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I have used these now for a couple of weeks and can tell the difference. Now I sleep better
Gabriela E. - avatar Gabriela E.

love This product! I really like the taste compared to others and makes me feel refreshed and energetic!
Adeline V. - avatar Adeline V.

Product works as advertised, would by again.
Autumn C. - avatar Autumn C.

I really love this product. It's the first time I used something like this. It really helps me when I go to sleep. And it also relaxes me.
John F. - avatar John F.

Tried this product after having 2 knee replacements. I had a nagging pain that never went away. This product took away the pain and I sleep so much better as well.
Caroline B. - avatar Caroline B.

Fast free shipping. No harshness like other manufacturers. Will order again.
Sneha C. - avatar Sneha C.

Not sure how much it is helping, I'm still trying to determine the right dosage for me.
Andrew W. - avatar Andrew W.

"This product has definitely helped reduce my anxiety! The taste of mint is GREAT! I fall asleep easier and sleep sounder when I use oil. I haven’t really used it for pain management so that much I can’t speak on. I will be buying again as I do feel a change since I’ve been using the oil! "
Jaxon Y. - avatar Jaxon Y.

A great oil that helps you relax at night and get into sleep mode. Very easy to take and a great value for the price! Will definitely buy again!
Everly C. - avatar Everly C.

Arthritis and anxiety have improved dramatically since my son began to use this several months ago. He suffers from arthritis in his back and knees from accidents as a teenager. He is 37. He called me after 2 weeks of being on it and said, "I feel like I'm 14 again, before the accident!"
Chris A. - avatar Chris A.

Shared with my Pops for pain management. Taking orally was not helpful but massaging directly into his injury was. Worked great once he switched that up.
Nolan E. - avatar Nolan E.

I liked this product due to the high potency. I have tried the weaker ones and they didn't do much. I will continue to order this.
Amia E. - avatar Amia E.

I have tried other CBD oil brands from the local smoke shops. This bioMD CBD oil is the only one I've ever tried that actually gives me results. I take it before bed, as I have trouble sleeping. It allows me to get the restful sleep that I need so desperately. I swear by this brand and have recommended to everyone who is contemplating trying CBD oil.
Barbara D. - avatar Barbara D.

Excellent product! I did my research before I purchased. BioMD+ makes a top quality hemp oil. I’d recommend this to my own Mother. Enjoy!
Adrian L. - avatar Adrian L.

I love the oils and gummies. I was able to stop my anxiety meds using these products and it helps my son who has Aspergers with his anxiety. My older son also uses it on a skin condition and he loves it. Love the transparency of the company and Josh is awesome! Will not order from another company because with bioMD I know I can trust that I am getting the highest quality products especially with Josh answering questions himself and being very involved with his customers
Lillianna R. - avatar Lillianna R.

This product really helps with my back and shoulder pain/soreness. I play baseball so naturally I get some shoulder soreness after I throw. I had a back issue that happened at the beginning of last year and it was lingering back again and using this almost stopped pain completely. Great product, flavor is okay but honestly doesn’t really taste like anything.
Zola N. - avatar Zola N.

Helps me sleep. Had a hard time staying asleep since I deal with anxiety. Find myself only waking up 1 time through out the night compared to 5 to 6 times. More solid sleep means less anxiety in my life.
Raquel Q. - avatar Raquel Q.

"I was quite surprised at how well this has helped me with pain relief from a failed fusion in my Lumbar Spine! "
Thomas P. - avatar Thomas P.

I have been taking 2 half dropper-fulls for a little over a week now, and have definitely noticed an improvement in my anxiety/depression. It wasn't awful before, but now my moods seem more balanced and stabilized, and I feel calmer. But, the true test started last night.
Saniyah W. - avatar Saniyah W.

BioMD+ Cirtrus Isolate Oil was easy to use, no pill to swallow. You can carry it with you and use it anywhere. I have very bad back pain and this works for me.
William Z. - avatar William Z.

This product is great, and works very well just taste like strong chocolate ! It was still an awesome product tho!
Sarah S. - avatar Sarah S.

I'm 76 y/o and suffer from considerable joint pain. Since using this product, I'm able to do many tasks without the ache's and pains I suffered previously.
Christopher M. - avatar Christopher M.

I used this product for my pms symptoms, I get moody swings really bad and I struggle with anxiety depression and insomnia. I will be trying this product out for the next two weeks to see how it works and do another review
Aaron I. - avatar Aaron I.

This product worked for me and another family member. We are a few weeks in and Im very impressed. Lower anxiety, and helps with pain etc.
Austyn D. - avatar Austyn D.