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Using for shoulder pain. Intensity of pain decreased dramatically!
Wendy S. - avatar Wendy S.

I had my doubts, but it did help.
Julian B. - avatar Julian B.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 4, 2020

I LOVE taking this CBD Oil right before bedtime. It helps me relax enough to fall asleep. I would recommend it to anyone, but especially to any person who has trouble sleeping.
Joseph Y. - avatar Joseph Y.

bought this to see if it would help me sleep at night (several nagging physical issues). Has been a great help.
Joshua Q. - avatar Joshua Q.

I have tried similar products. This is by far the best one yet. Highly recommended.
Autumn C. - avatar Autumn C.

I have been on prednisone for severe gout and toloosa hunt syndrome for many months so i have been looking for something that would help with inflammation and pain also better sleep i believe that i have found it with this product very happy with purchase ..
Adeline V. - avatar Adeline V.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 2, 2020

I have degenerative arthritis in my back and knee and this product really works!!!
Oliver Q. - avatar Oliver Q.

This product works well for me. I have nerve pain and was looking for something to ease the pain. As for the flavor it's minty and earthy at the same time.
Mateo R. - avatar Mateo R.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 2, 2020

Thanks so much for this product! I love traveling with this so I can keep walking with much less pain throughout the day!
Robert M. - avatar Robert M.

Great at relieving pain! Took a dropper full for a really bad headache and it was gone in a few minutes. Boyfriend didn’t believe so when he had a headache a few days later I told him to take some and he was amazed at how fast it worked. Now he takes it for joint and back pain. Extremely satisfied!!
Christopher M. - avatar Christopher M.

Really helped my shoulder and my general anxiety
Aaliyah I. - avatar Aaliyah I.

Great for anxiety, I like this oil.
Oliver Q. - avatar Oliver Q.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) March 1, 2020

I like the taste. It taste like butter you put on popcorn at the movies. I like the fact that I can ingest or use as a topical for pain relief. I haven't had to use my anxiety medication or my high blood pressure medication since I started using these drops. I wish I would've found them years ago. Very happy, and highly satisfied customer!!!
Anthony L. - avatar Anthony L.

This helps my shoulder pains and sleep.
Matthew I. - avatar Matthew I.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) March 1, 2020

Over two weeks and I haven't had to take any ibuprofen, or allergy spray even! Plus, I sleep straight through the night!!
Scout L. - avatar Scout L.

We have tried several brands and this one seems to work best for my wife.
Levi N. - avatar Levi N.
Citrus CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)
Citrus CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) February 29, 2020

This stuff is great! I have a lot of pain in my back and neck and it really helped. It also helped me sleep really well!
Liam K. - avatar Liam K.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) February 29, 2020

Using this hemp oil has helped alleviate the joint pain I used to suffer with daily! The taste is pleasantly minty and not overpowering. I recommend this product to anyone who has limitations on their lifestyle due to chronic pain, it’s a real game changer.
Hunter F. - avatar Hunter F.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) February 28, 2020

It was important too me to find a product, that could help me mold a better me overall. I am much older so the stillness I experience and quiet that is able to be attained was remarkable. Its late in life but I think time waits for no man, and BoMD+ has given me a better ending already. Thank You, so much.
Stacey R. - avatar Stacey R.
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) February 27, 2020

I use it for anxiety and it calms me down in a very short time. The price is just right for my budget. I would recommend this product to anyone. I have tried some others and they did not work as this product does. It is the best in my opinion
Valery Y. - avatar Valery Y.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) February 26, 2020

The taste is word but other than that, is great!
David P - avatar David P

Great product but dont like the taste.
Julian B. - avatar Julian B.
Citrus CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)
Citrus CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) February 24, 2020

It came quickly,and did the trick. Takes the edge off and I was able to get some good sleep.
Ian S. - avatar Ian S.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) February 24, 2020

Awesome product!!! Most definitely helps me relax, feel anxious free, and sleep peacefully! Love it!
Nicholas R. - avatar Nicholas R.