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Been the only oil I have had that actually works. Would recommend.
Angel U. - avatar Angel U.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) February 2, 2020

No problems
Joyce H. - avatar Joyce H.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) February 2, 2020

Excellent results almost immediately. I wish I’d started taking this sooner. No I’ll effects
Waverly Z. - avatar Waverly Z.

This is a great value for the money, I take it to unwind and for phantom leg pain as im a amputee of my left leg. This helps ease the pain away. Thank you!
Carter A. - avatar Carter A.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) February 1, 2020

Mild flavor. Good for dealing with aching pain and sleep. Also noticed an increase in my motivational levels after the second week. Got more done faster with less pain😊ty:)
James C. - avatar James C.
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) February 1, 2020

I had never tried hemp oil drops. After reading Brunei, et al. (2018), Cannabinoid Delivery Systems for Pain and Inflammation Treatment, I decided it was time to try it. Since I have osteoarthritis in my hips, knees, accompanied by lumbar spondylosis, adding Hemp Oil Drops to my pain and inflammation control regime seemed appropriate. The academic literature appears to support CBD use, and Co2 extracted preparations are designed as the preferred products. This product checked all the boxes for me, so I ordered. The first dose did not produce a positive or negative effect, so I was uncertain whether this was a good purchase. After further study of the existing literature, the CB1 & CB2 receptor distribution in our bodies is so widespread, it became clear that with hemp oil drops, as with most pain control preparations, it takes consistent dosing (e.g., 2-3 times of day of a dropper full or so, for me) to produce the desired effect. After a week of using the product, it has appears to be an excellent, natural addition to my current pain control approach. I am much more active, less joint pain, and a noticeable increase in activity. I highly the Hempable Ultra Premium Hemp Oil product.
David P - avatar David P

Just a couple of drops sublingually and calms my anxiety! Will highly recommend!
Skylar K. - avatar Skylar K.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) January 31, 2020

I have ordered more because I am using it on my right leg for severe pain. Works awesome. My Dr said for me to keep putting it on my leg. I also take it orally. I have used one bottle already.
Dani F. - avatar Dani F.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) January 31, 2020

Ordered product at of curiosity. Found shoulder discomfort diminished significantly. Had MRI that shown a torn rotary cuff and arthritis. Dr. surprised I had no pain when I did not accept a shot to relieve any pain. Still evaluating product to see if no pain or discomfort is sustained. Of course rehabilitation is option to strengthen muscle in upper arm, but that too seems to be getting stronger. Surgery is option, but prayerfully not an option for me, Will see as I continue to use this product!!! Thank God!
Hadleigh X. - avatar Hadleigh X.

It is a great oil and the best thing that could help me with pain without the high. I'm Christian so that's very important for me and the price can't be compared.
Sebastian O. - avatar Sebastian O.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) January 31, 2020

Worked to help with stress relief and get a good nights sleep due to overall muscle and mental fatigue. will be ordering more and have shared with friends.
Kimora H. - avatar Kimora H.
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) January 31, 2020

The taste is terrible but everything else is good.
Esperanza O. - avatar Esperanza O.

It was amazing. Helps great with inflammation and pain
Stacey R. - avatar Stacey R.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) January 30, 2020

Im so happy to have found and ordered this product! I was coming off of a really strong anti anxiety medication and I wouldn’t have been able to do it successfully without this oil. I also have back issues and this was a real lifesaver! I’ll be a customer as long as you’ll have me. Thanks again❤️
Elena O. - avatar Elena O.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) January 30, 2020

I was experiencing hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist pain so intense I couldn't sleep. I use this before bed and first thing in the morning, and again during the day if I feel I need it. It balances emotions, energy and relieves the pain temporarily. Prefer the toasted nutty flavor over other oil I tried with mint flavor. You have to experience this for yourself as I can't put into words what this does except to say I do not want to run out of this,
Lillianna R. - avatar Lillianna R.

It helps with my pain and memory. When do I get my free bottle?
Samuel I. - avatar Samuel I.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) January 30, 2020

It’s great! Provides a level of relaxation that I’ve needed. Workouts are more productive and focused. Sleep has been. I would recommend!
Nolan E. - avatar Nolan E.
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) January 30, 2020

I use this for pain and help sleeping. Seems to work jyst fine
Celia T. - avatar Celia T.

dosage is good enough for medicinal use.
Raquel Q. - avatar Raquel Q.
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate)
Natural CBD Oil (Isolate) January 29, 2020

I was suffering from lower back pain to the point it would wake me at night. Once I started taking the hemp oil I was able to sleep the entire night without having to take any other OTC pain medicine like ibuprophen or asprin, and the hemp oil doesn't upset my stomach.
Kimora H. - avatar Kimora H.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) January 28, 2020

I used this hemp oil for my little dog. He has neurological problems and dislocated hips. The main meds gave him an ulcer so I switched him to the hemp oil. It is Amazing how well it helps! He is happy to take it. I’m pretty sure he knows it helps. Plus his fur is shiny and it seems to help his digestive system and he has better bowl movements. I highly recommend it!
Serenity L. - avatar Serenity L.

I started taking this a few days ago. There is a lot of hype about what it will or won't do. I'm sure different people have different results. For me I think the best way to describe the product is to say it allows me to feel more like normal. Some of my meds may cause me to become a little tense or 'snarky'. This does seem to relieve some of that and feel more normal. That's a good thing. The flavor to me is somewhat nutty which makes sense since it's made from Hemp seeds. My wife is going to try it and we'll see what she thinks
Jackson U. - avatar Jackson U.
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate)
Citrus CBD Oil (Isolate) January 26, 2020

I used my hemp oil for the pain in my knees and it’s fantastic. I can just about run up my stairs now. It also helps me sleep through the night. It’s great, thank you
Colton Y. - avatar Colton Y.
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum)
Mint CBD Oil (Full Spectrum) January 25, 2020

Works as advertised, simple pain relief. Helps us to sleep better, all night long. Quality of this product is excellent. Flavor is natural and fresh tasting. Great value, we have tried others, this product works, so don’t hesitate to setup the monthly delivery. Enjoy.
Wyatt S. - avatar Wyatt S.