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Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) June 3, 2022

"I have resumed working out after my physical therapy ended, and naturally my body is freaking out. My wrist was bothering me (die burpees!) and so was my knee (I hate you, lunges!). After doing a bit of research, I thought—why not? I am glad I ordered this, because I am out of muscle relaxers! My wrist and knee feel almost normal after about 20 minutes. The taste isn’t that great, but tastes what a pill would taste like if you let it dissolve in your mouth. "
William D. - avatar William D.

I like this brand due to the taste and effectiveness of the product. It’s easy to take and takes the aches and pains away while centering my mood.
Christopher M. - avatar Christopher M.

Seems to help my back an joints, has a good taste an I’ll definitely be buying again from BioMD+.
Kera L. - avatar Kera L.

While not the best tasting, I have found this brand of hemp oil to work far better than the cbd oil I purchased for more than 4 times the cost from a cbd shop. Works well for my arthritis and seasonal affective disorder.
Etta Z. - avatar Etta Z.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) June 2, 2022

I really like this product a lot and have been able to give up taking one of my Meloxican inflammatory pills. I've cut the dosage by 50%. Sleeping well, and not bothered much by anxiety. I would recommend it to others who are looking for hemp oil that's a bit more powerful.
Nathan U. - avatar Nathan U.

A for this hemp oil! I get very anxious when flying and just a few drops when boarding a plane are enough to calm my nerves and relax. I can even sleep instead of being restless during the flight. Highly recommended!!!!
Hadleigh X. - avatar Hadleigh X.

My husband used this product for leg and foot pain. After two doses, he was able to sleep almost all night without awakening with pain. He will continue to use this instead of his regular pain medication. Very pleased!
Daniel D. - avatar Daniel D.

I recently went through a terrible break up. I couldn't sleep due to ruminating thoughts about my ex. These drops help me to get a good night's rest now!
Naya H. - avatar Naya H.

I bought this product to help me for my sleeping problems and my bone problems. Since I'm tall I've always had back issues and bones cracking when I bend down or squat, and this has been working wonders for me. I've been sleeping better and have had less issues with pain. This product is great and I recommend it to anyone with any issues that the description says it helps with.
Joanna T. - avatar Joanna T.

I have arthritis pretty much throughout my body, and this CBD oil gives me relief. It’s so much better than using pain meds. A real plus is that it seems to lower my blood pressure. I will continue to use this product.
Raquel Q. - avatar Raquel Q.

Fantastic product at an amazing price! I use this product for anxiety and it works great. Higher concentration than other similarly priced products, so it lasts longer and works better.
Florence F. - avatar Florence F.

I loved that the strength of the product allowed me to take less per day but provided the pain relief and sleep help I needed due to my severe arthritis pain. It is easy to use and helped in addition to my traditional medications.
Claire J. - avatar Claire J.

Helps significantly with my low back pain!
Josiah D. - avatar Josiah D.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) June 1, 2022

I originally purchased this product to help with my mood swings. After taking as directed once, I noticed it put me right to sleep. I also started using this after I wash my face as a moisturizer and it is magical. I've always had acne and scarring and a little after using this for a month my skin is clear, even, and ironically no longer oily. Noticed joint pain has also decreased. It's great all-around and after all this, I still have over half the bottle left.
Madelyn G. - avatar Madelyn G.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) June 1, 2022

I bought this oil for the severe anxiety and trouble concentrating that I’ve always had. It may be early in my review, but as soon as I took my first dose I noticed that I’m so much more relaxed and calm than I’ve been in a long time! I’ve forgotten how much tension I carry in my neck and shoulders! So far I’m in love!
Cora H. - avatar Cora H.
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate)
Mint CBD Oil (Isolate) June 1, 2022

Very simple to use natural and effective for me. I have a shoulder rotor cup tear and it is quite painful. At 66 years of age I have the normal aches and pains. I bought this product so that I could get natural pain relief and still be able to take care of my wife who has cancer. I must get her in and out of bed and provide full spectrum care. I need to be alert and energetic. This product is the best of its type. I have tried other hemp oil and this is by far the ultimate best available.
Elias F. - avatar Elias F.

relaxed all my joints and muscles to help get comfortable and sleep sounder and not wake every 1-2 hrs
Sohila S. - avatar Sohila S.

Was very surprised how well it worked.... I have chronic lower back pain - and need to try alternatives to pills... Slept well for the first time after using this without taking any ibuprofen …..
Austyn D. - avatar Austyn D.

Too early to make an analysis.
Mason N. - avatar Mason N.

I really enjoyed the flavor! It definitely helped relief any anxiety I had and smells great too! Definitely would buy again!
Zainab D. - avatar Zainab D.

"After using this product for just two weeks my hips and joints are feeling better!! Much less sore. I am also sleeping so much better at night. I've been taking the product as directed once a day and one bottle lasts at least one month! "
Ezra Q. - avatar Ezra Q.

It worked good! My mom felt a lot better!
Connor J. - avatar Connor J.

I've suffered for years with stabbing nerve pain in my left foot and toes, following surgery for spinal stenosis nineteen years ago. This was not notable in bed at night. This product has offered relief from the pain and helped me sleep better. Hemp oil has become a regular part of my nightly routine.
Kaylin U. - avatar Kaylin U.

This seemed to help my sciatic pain in my leg. It also seemed to help me sleep a little better!
Joshua Q. - avatar Joshua Q.