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Wait, CBD oil for my DOG? Yep, that’s right! CBD oil isn’t just great for humans; man’s best friend can reap the benefits, too! Cannabidiol found in CBD products isn’t psychoactive and won’t get your dog high. Still, it can boost their health and make the aging process much easier for them, especially when it comes to certain inflammatory conditions.

The CBD market is exploding right now, and unfortunately, some products out there falsely advertise their contents or benefits. Some companies are intentionally trying to sell you a sub-par product at a premium price. On the other hand, some companies are just uneducated and trying to capitalize on the “green rush” of hemp and CBD products. So, where’s an owner to start when finding a safe, healthy product? Here’s everything you need to know to make the right choice for your pup. Let’s start with the conditions that CBD can help treat.

Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

While hip dysplasia is more common in large dogs and certain dog breeds, it can happen to dogs of any breed or size. It’s a skeletal condition that affects dogs’ ball-in-socket hip joints, usually when they’ve reached their senior years. With hip dysplasia, instead of smoothly gliding along while the dog is in motion, the ball of the hip joint grinds against the socket, causing the joint to deteriorate over time and eventually lose all function if the joint doesn’t receive any treatment.

The cause of hip dysplasia varies from dog to dog, but genetics play a significant role. It’s hereditary, and certain breeds are more prone to developing it – Labrador Retrievers, Saint Bernards, German Shepherds, and Great Danes in particular. Other major factors are improper nutrition and weight, an excessive growth rate in the early years of puppyhood, and overtraining.

Unfortunately, hip dysplasia is a condition that is extremely painful for pups, and it’s almost as painful for their owners to watch their best friend endure that kind of pain. It impacts the dog’s quality of life, sometimes dramatically reducing their ability to function unassisted. But there is a piece of good news in all of this: educated dog owners can help keep their dogs comfortable if they have hip dysplasia and even take steps to prevent it.

Giving your dog the right food as a puppy can circumvent several health issues later in life, especially for the large-breed dogs mentioned earlier. Managing your dog’s weight as they age is a crucial factor as well, to keep excessive strain and pressure off of their joints and bones. The caveat is that you should be careful not to run or walk your dog too much since overactivity can contribute to a breakdown of their joints and affect their bone strength.

Of course, supplements are beneficial for your dog’s wellbeing, and if you add the right ones to your dog’s diet, it could make a massive difference in their quality of life. What’s one of the best supplements you can give your pet? CBD oil.

Best CBD For Dogs

CBD products can benefit your dog’s health in a big way, so long as you follow a few guidelines when choosing the right one for your pooch:

  1. Full or Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad or full-spectrum CBD contains terpenes, aromatic compounds naturally found in cannabis plants. Terpenes combine forces with the cannabinoids that are also found in CBD and give your dog the advantage of “the entourage effect.” Essentially, the cannabinoids and terpenes help increase the CBD oil’s medicinal effects, so your dog experiences the best possible benefits.

  1. Check that the CBD was Safely Extracted

CBD oil is extracted from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the cannabis plant, and there are quite a few ways to do it. When you read the label of a CBD product for your dog, make sure it lists CO2 extraction instead of solvent extraction. With CO2 extraction, hemp is placed in a high-pressure chamber that’s filled with carbon dioxide (CO2) to release the CBD oil. The CO2 extraction method is the best, most natural way to produce CBD, and yields the highest concentration of CBD oil.

On the other hand, solvent extraction uses chemicals like petroleum products, propane, or butane to force the CBD oil out of the plant – you know, chemicals that are toxic to your dog! CBD oil produced from solvent extraction can have a trace amount of these chemicals in the final product. Sometimes, natural solvents are used in this process (olive oil or ethanol), making for a much safer product, but the benefits of CBD aren’t as potent with these solvents. Since olive oil or ethanol can destroy the hemp plant’s waxes, and other solvents can be harmful to your dog, it’s better to just spring for the CO2 extraction label.

  1. Look for a COA

Finally, make sure the CBD oil or product has a Certificate of Analysis.

A COA typically comes from a third-party lab, telling you the types and how much cannabinoids there are in the CBD product. It’s usually a document that you can find on the vendor’s website or the product page. You can always request to see a company’s Certificate of Analysis, but if they can’t show you one, turn tail and run!

Best CBD Oil For Dogs With Arthritis

Much like hip dysplasia, arthritis is characterized by pain in your dog’s joints. Your poor pup will experience inflammation, stiffness, limping, and general discomfort every time they try to move! Luckily, CBD can help ease these symptoms to give your dog a more comfortable life.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right CBD for your furry best friend, especially for managing their arthritis:

Added Ingredients (the Good Kind!)

Several CBD products made for dogs with arthritis also contain ingredients that will support your pup’s joint health. If you see ingredients like MSM, glucosamine, or chondroitin, don’t worry! These are beneficial ingredients that help CBD fight the symptoms of arthritis.

Oil Vs. Chews

You will often have two choices for CBD products for your dog: CBD chews and CBD oil. As you can probably guess, CBD chews are given as treats, while CBD oil can be sprinkled into food or other treats. The most significant benefit of CBD oil over chews is that you can easily adjust their dosage as needed, while chews are harder to change. Speaking of which…

CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs

CBD is still a new concept for many people, and its use for animals is even more obscure! And to be honest, the dosage varies from pet to pet and from product to product. It also depends on the condition you’re trying to treat; dogs with arthritis may need a higher dosage than dogs with anxiety. Check the packaging of your chosen CBD product and consult with your veterinarian to determine the ideal amount for your dog.

It seems overwhelming, but don’t worry! At BioMDPlus, we have created a pet dosage reference chart to help you get started finding the perfect dosage for your pup.

The dosage of our Natural Pet CBD Oil tincture is based on your dog’s weight. For dogs who weigh up to 25 pounds, the dosage will settle around 0.5 mL per day. Dogs weighing 25–65 pounds will typically receive 1–2 mL per day, and dogs who weigh more than 65 pounds will usually need 2–4 mL per day.

Start by giving your dog smaller amounts than what is recommended for their weight and closely observing their behavior. If it seems like there has been no change after a couple of days, introduce a slightly higher dosage. Continue this process until you’ve reached the ideal dosage for their weight or as determined by your veterinarian. And since our CBD oil for pets is THC-free, there’s no need to worry about overdosing or giving your dog too much!

Organic CBD Oil For Dogs

Not all CBD oil is organic, even for pets. Yes, CBD is extracted from a plant, but that plant could have been covered in herbicides and pesticides – which could still be lingering in the final product. Even in trace amounts, you don’t want to feed those harmful chemicals to your dog!

An organic CBD product is the best choice for your pup’s health. There’s no risk of toxic substances sneaking their way into your dog’s system and negating the health benefits that CBD oil can give them, and you won’t have to worry about causing new health problems with the change in their supplements. Organic CBD oil brings your dog none of the risk but all of the reward!

Your dog’s health can benefit greatly from CBD oil, no matter their age, breed, or what health conditions they may be fighting. Dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis can significantly benefit from CBD products and find relief from the constant pain, stiffness, and discomfort that plagues their days. CBD oil for dogs will fight the inflammation for them and give them a better quality of life for longer. Try our full-spectrum Natural Pet CBD Oil and help your dog today.

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