CBD For Pets

How Effective Is CBD For Pets?

CBD for Pets

Most pet parents will go to extreme lengths to help their furry little companions get healthy and with medical cannabis now less of a taboo and more of a necessity. Pet parents now look to CBD to help their pets with certain conditions. How effective are these CBD tinctures for pets? Here is a breakdown of how it can help.

How Does CBD For Pets Works?

CBD tinctures are reported to help pets with seizures. Thanks to the natural anti-inflammatory properties in CBD, it also makes for a great candidate in helping with anxiety, inflammation, and arthritis. Although ongoing research is being done on the benefits, these are just a few of the advantages that come with CBD tinctures.

How is CBD for pets different than CBD for humans?

The ingredients are the same for pets as they are for people, and so is the extraction process. It is important that CO2 extraction is used for pet products rather than using solvents to extract the CBD. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), and guess what? Pets (and almost every life form on Earth) also have an ECS! Therefore, CBD functions for dogs similarly to how it works on humans. The difference is that some products are flavored with pet-specific flavors so your pet wants to eat them. Otherwise, you may have a very hard time getting ‘Sparky’ to eat his CBD dog treat!

Consideration before Buying CBD For Pets

Since CBD is still very much a new industry, there are some considerations that you should certainly take before purchasing CBD. With rampant miscommunication and no proper regulatory board in place, the CBD market is very much the Wild West of industries. Here are a few things you should consider before buying it.

Is it safe to give my pet CBD?

While there is no regulatory board in place for businesses that deal with marijuana, there are certainly many regulations in terms of growing marijuana. Before buying tinctures, you should look up if the company producing the CBD has a USDA Certified Organic Hemp label on it. This ensures that the hemp you are consuming is natural and organic.

Tested Batches

Other than looking for a USDA seal of approval on products, only buy from tested batches. When buying from a retailer, most offer batch numbers on the box, which allows you to look up their results. These results often come with detailed information about the tests conducted on the concerned batch.

0% THC

CBD crafted from Hemp plants regularly contains trace amounts of THC. This trace amount is often 0.03% or less. While you cannot get pure CBD unless it is in its crystal form, the lower the value of THC, the better it is for a pet’s body. Therefore, be sure to look for tinctures that have a lower THC concentration.

Broad Spectrum CBD For Pets

In your search for good CBD products, Broad Spectrum CBD products get the best of both worlds in regards to both the full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Broad-spectrum CBD comes with all of the additional compounds of full-spectrum while also not having any THC, like in the Isolate variant.

Premium Grade CBD

When looking for CBD, try to find products that are premium grade. It refers to the various quality standards that we have mentioned above. Companies do not use this label lightly, as it implies that the company has already gone through rigorous testing and demands required to obtain this title.

What are some reasons to try giving my pet CBD?

Now onto the real meat and bones of this guide, how useful is CBD for your pet? Very useful, actually. CBD has many anti-inflammatory properties and other significant benefits that make it great for your pet. Here are just a few of the uses of CBD for your furry companion.

Top Uses CBD for Pets


One of the major benefits reported with CBD is that it can help calm your pet and alleviate their anxiety. Most pets will suffer from varying degrees of anxiety, especially dogs and cats. However, since CBD connects to the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, it can calm your four-legged friend without any nasty side effects.


As pets get older, it is normal for them to experience pain more often. Aches in their bones and joints are unfortunately all too common, and CBD can greatly help with that. So any inflammatory pain that your pet may be suffering from may be greatly reduced with CBD. Since CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties, it works especially well for inflammation-induced pain. It is also free of major side effects, making it great for their bodies.

How Effective Is CBD For Pets tincture oil


Although there are yet to be more tests on the effectiveness of CBD against arthritis, there is a substantial reason and some tests that prove its efficacy. Of course, the inherent anti-inflammatory properties of CBD do make it very valuable in providing substantial relief to arthritis. Moreover, research also supports these claims, ensuring that CBD can be a good substitute for regular arthritis medicine.


Seizures among pets can be a very serious concern, but research suggests that CBD can help in reducing certain types of seizures in dogs. As for cats and various other animals, there is very little proof that shows these CBD could be as effective. In dogs, research conducted on idiopathic epilepsy showed that CBD assisted in reducing the intensity of seizures. So if your dog suffers from the condition, CBD can prove to be useful in bringing relief.

CBD Tinctures For Pets: Are There Any Risks?

CBD is a very natural substance and is what many users dub the “miracle drug,” thanks to its medicinal properties. However, it does come with its fair share of risks. Although nothing life-threatening, you should keep these risks in mind when giving your pet CBD:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Dry mouth

These are only the major side effects that come with CBD tinctures for pets, and they are not that serious. Of course, this can vary from one pet to another.

Ideal CBD Dosage for Pets

Finding out the right dosage for your cat or dog is very much a trial and error experiment, and varies depending on their size and the pain that they are experiencing. There are now medical professionals who will be able to give you advice on this, trial and error is your best bet. However, many experts have formulated dosing charts that guide you on how to best give CBD to your pet. Here is a chart that can really help you decide on the dosage for your pet.

Pay Close Attention to the Results

You will want to pay close attention to the results that each experiment provides. You should not simply increase the dosage because you think the current dosage is not enough. Working your way from the lowest dosage to the highest is a lot better than the other way around. Only when you see that your little companion’s aches are not improving should you increase the dosage.

Final Thoughts

With substantial supporting evidence as well as the benefits, CBD can be a really great substitute for various medications that could have very serious side effects. So with no side effects and a laundry list of benefits, CBD is often very useful for your pets.

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    My baby has arthritis in both hips and both knees. She could barely walk. Now she can run again with the help of CBD.

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