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How To Give CBD Oil To Rabbits The Complete Guide

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How To Give CBD Oil To Rabbits The Proper Way?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid that comes from cannabis plants. CBD oil can help with many health issues and fortunately can be given to rabbits. In this article, we’ll discuss to you the best and effective ways on how to give CBD oil to rabbits.

First, it’s important to know the difference between hemp and marijuana plants. Hemp plants are those that only contain trace amounts of THC so you don’t have to worry about getting your bunnies high. The oil from hemp plants cannot make them feel high.

To give CBD to a bunny you can give them it in the form of a drop of pure CBD oil directly under their tongue. Don’t put too much or they will get sick from it. Also, never put the oil on their food as that could make them sick as well. The best way to give your bunny CBD oil is to have a syringe and draw up the amount of liquid you want to give from a bottle and stick it directly under their tongue for them to swallow. You can also put the oil in their favorite food. They will lick it off their food and enjoy it. You can also put a few drops of oil on your fingers and rub under their tongue as well.

You’ll need to give your rabbit CBD full time to see results, but that is expected with many herbal supplements and not all your bunny will respond with positive results right away. Usually you’ll start to see positive results after two weeks of using the oil. The best results will come after at least two to four months of giving daily doses to your bunny.

Usually a small dose of the oil twice a day is enough for your bunnies. However, if you notice that they are having a hard time and there is a lot of pain, you’ll need to give them more doses throughout the day. Usually adults will get anywhere from 2 drops per day to 30 drops per day depending on what you feel is right for your bunny.

In conclusion, CBD oil can be given to rabbits in order to be beneficial for them. In this article, we’ve discussed the best ways on how to give CBD oil to rabbits. The best way would be to give it through their food, directly under their tongue, or a drop of oil on your fingers and rub under their tongue. However, this is highly dependent on the bunny’s state of health. If you notice that your rabbit is really in pain or not responding well to CBD use a syringe to up the dose. You should also keep track of how much you are giving them as an adult bunnies need to be given around 2 drops per day while babies will need between 5-30 drops each day.

Although there are many ways to give CBD oil to your rabbits, there are still advantages as well as disadvantages of giving it straight to their food. Storing it in water (plastic bottle) is not the best idea because the bottle that you buy will probably break after a few weeks. Even if you get a BPA-free bottle it will break unless you put something in between its layers. Also, storing it in hot water or the fridge will make it break quicker. Although food is considered to be a better option when it comes to giving CBD oil to rabbits, they might not have a very good time with this either. They might get sick easily and even vomit if they are not given enough CBD oil. Also, they might refuse their treats that consists of rabbit food while being given CBD oil. So, we prefer to give them our treats and let them enjoy our meal. On the other hand, if you want to give your rabbit CBD oil without any issue, we would recommend an oil drop under their tongue. In this case, it’s recommended for kids to start with a low amount of 2 drops per day and keep track of how much you’re giving them.

If they get irritated or ill from the supplements, try adding another type in their diet. They might not tolerate the oil very well, but they do need to eat something other than the supplements for instance. If you give them only CBD oil, they’ll probably not be that picky when it comes to what they want to eat and become ill. Try giving them carrots, lettuce, apples, or anything else that they will like so that they eat other things better. Both hemp and marijuana plants are legal to buy and sell but only if they are grown in the right way. They should not be grown in public areas or fields that would be seen by law enforcement officials. Also, hemp plants cannot be grown for commercial purposes but marijuana ones can.

The good thing about CBD oil is that it is legal to buy and sell without a prescription so you can consume it legally no matter what your state of residence is.

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