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CBD Oil Wisconsin State Laws & Regulations


CBD Oil Wisconsin State Laws & Regulations

CBD was legalized in Wisconsin when the Wisconsin Act 267 was enacted in 2014. However, CBD legalization was meant to serve those with seizure disorders. Later, it was renamed Lydia’s Law, the name of a 7-year-old girl with a rare form of epilepsy. Sponsors for the bill suggested that CBD must have FDA approval to be prescribed to patients. In early 2017, the state removed all penalities on CBD so people can obtain CBD oil without running into any problems.

Recreational cannabis is still illegal in the state of Wisconsin. Only if you are suffering from a terminal illness, do you have the right to get CBD prescribed to you? If you are unable to do so, your guardian or anyone close to your family can get it without any trouble. The big push for cannabis legalization started in 2018 in Wisconsin, when voters from a dozen counties showed their support for cannabis legalization. In the city of Waukesha, nearly 77% of voters supported marijuana for medical purposes. This set the stage for discussions about medical marijuana and CBD.

Wisconsin is a midwestern U.S. state with coastlines on 2 Great Lakes (Michigan and Superior) and an interior of forests and farms. Milwaukee, the largest city, is known for the Milwaukee Public Museum, with its numerous re-created international villages, and the Harley-Davidson Museum, displaying classic motorcycles. Several beer companies are based in Milwaukee, and many offer brewery tours.

Rules on Harvesting

When it comes to CBD oil, it is legal to own these products in Wisconsin. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 allowed hemp extraction farming without any restrictions. The law allowed hemp growers to grow, cultivate, and harvest hemp. This bill removed many restrictions on hemp-related products. These rules also allowed hemp growers to extract other cannabinoids from the plant. In Wisconsin, there are no strict regulations on possessing CBD hemp oil or products that contain hemp, but the rules are also clear that it is still illegal to manufacture and distribute CBD products with no or little THC in them.

That doesn’t mean the whole plant is legal. Marijuana is still illegal; CBD is legal and marijuana isn’t because CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive element of marijuana. The reason why marijuana plants have this effect is because of THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. This component is what makes you feel ‘high’ when taken as an edible or smoking.


Owning CBD oil is legal in Wisconsin, but what is not legal is possessing CBD oil with THC. That is why you should always get some more information about the CBD oil you want to purchase. Many CBD oil bottles will let you know how much THC it has compared to other compounds. Normally, there are two types of CBD that you can get on the market. One of the CBD types is from the hemp variety, and the other is directly from the marijuana plant.

THC is typically found in cannabis Sativa L. This plant possesses hundreds of cannabinoids: the list includes THC and CBD. Although there is no law in place that specifically describes the quantity of THC that should be in CBD, the basic amount seems to be 0.3%. If the THC amount stays below 0.3%, there will be no psychoactive effects. However, before you consider buying, you must consult your doctor; the state requires patients to have a doctor’s permit before buying CBD. The doctor can give patients that official documentation stating that they can possess a non-psychoactive form of cannabis to treat their illness.

Accessibility of CBD

As you can tell, CBD with psychoactive THC levels is legal. The CBD oil just has to be documented by a doctor or professional. Otherwise, it will be considered a criminal offense, which will result in fines and punishment. It is recommended that, before you get the drug, you consult with your doctor on different issues that may arise from taking CBD, as well as how much to take each week.

To get the best cannabis oil in Wisconsin, you need to follow all the guidelines set by the state for patients. You can only get it from state-allowed drug stores and pharmacies. But many use online shopping more than offline purchasing. As online is more reliable, many dispensaries have started their own free delivery systems; you can get the drug right at your doorstep as long as you meet all of the legal requirements. You must be over 21 to be able to receive CBD vaping products online or offline.

While Wisconsin law and regulations, and where CBD manufacturing stands, are still unclear, it is best to ask your doctor for all of the information you can get before walking this thin line.

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Illegal possession of marijuana carries the harshest penalties in the state of Wisconsin. Even the first offense of possessing marijuana will count as a misdemeanor, with a $1,000 fine and six months in prison.

Final Thoughts

Despite all of the rules going back to 1939 and up to 2020, changes have taken place. Once, possessing or using marijuana was illegal, and those violating the law could face penalties. Now, at least, anyone can get a prescription for the drug if they meet all of the state’s requirements. If you want to use CBD oil, you must follow all of the rules for proper treatment.

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